The process went smoothly

I have known Mrs. Vaughn since 1998 when I moved to the Nashville area to work at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. After a small period of acclimation, I decided that I wanted to have a house built for me by a contractor. After finding a suitable contractor, the task at hand was to find a suitable piece of land. Connie provided me computer printouts and/or access to EVERY suitable lot in this region which greatly facilitated my evaluative process. When we finally narrowed the choices down to one, she represented me as a Buyer-Agent. The process went smoothly. Since that time, at my request, she has regularly provided me updates as to the market-value of my house. She has taken a personal interest in doing this, such that I trust her input. You should strongly consider Connie to become your Realtor, either from a seller or buyer standpoint.